“Black Lives Matter” are Shooting Themselves – and the Cause for Civil Justice – in the Foot

It was embarrassing to watch these narcissistic, bullying and above all shortsighted misandrists as they again disrespected and attacked our one best hope for economic, civil AND racial justice in America.

BLM misandrists in action#BlackLivesMatter is a loosely affiliated amalgam of people with differing agendas, all elbowing each other to feed at the great George Soros funding trough, and they are doing the ~”dirty work” for `Hillary Clinton. Here’s why:
George Soros is Hillary Clinton’s largest donor and supporter, and sits on her SuperPAC Board – click here to see full article.

Soros also funds many “activist” groups including “Black Lives Matter” – click here to see the Daily Mail expose.

images-3Soros is a millionaire capitalist – he may be liberal on social issues, but he definitely does not want a socialist in the White House. He is, after all, one of the “Billionaire Class” that Bernie is constantly attacking.

Black Lives Matter and such groups rely on the Soros/Clinton money stream. The result is that there is now a coordinated effort on the part of several black activists and groups to discredit Bernie Sanders among the general population but especially among Black Americans. Shameful, really. Poor Bernie – interrupted 2x in a row now when he has the best record on civil rights of anyone! … I guess this horrible case of political sabotage is just one more indication that the Clintonistas are Feeling the Bern!!

EuroYankee is a dual citizen, US-EU. He travels around Europe, writing on politics, culture and such. He pays his US taxes so he gets to weigh in on what is happening in the States.