Dem Debate: Banks v. Guns – A Tale of Two Constituencies

Hillary goes after Bernie on guns; Bernie goes after Hillary on Wall Street and the Big Banks. It’s political tit-for-tat, right?

DebateUnfortunately for Hillary, these arguments are not equal in terms of scope and substance.

As a Congressman and Senator from rural Vermont, Sanders was representing his constituents – hunters and other conservative gun-owners -when he voted the way he did. Likewise, as the junior Senator from New York, Clinton had Wall Street banks as her own constituents, and so one might have understood the fact that she was obligated to represent their interests in the Senate.

The question to be considered NOW, however, is whether a President Sanders would adopt a stronger position gun control when he represents all Americans, and whether a President Clinton would be tough on Wall Street once in the Oval Office.
This question is best answered simply:

• To date, Hillary Clinton has received over $3.5 million in donations from Wall Street banks, with Goldman Sachs giving her almost $1 million for this election alone.

• To date, Bernie Sanders has received $0 from the NRA, and has a D- rating but that group.

THIS outlines the big difference between the two candidates: Hillary Clinton is willing to rant and rave all day about Gun Control, Abortion Rights, Gay Rights, Civil Rights and Climate Change because that is what her rich, elite donor base want her to do. The last thing they want is for Hillary to actually do something to curb their power, influence or wealth.

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