Hillary v. Bernie: A Very Short Comparison

I promised this would be a very short comparison. So here goes:

Hillary Supported the Racist Right-Winger Barry Goldwater

Hillary Clinton was “Goldwater Girl”. Her father was a right-wing racist and so Hillary followed suit. Here is a quote from her book, Living History:

” I liked Senator Goldwater because he was a rugged individualist who swam against the political tide. Years later, I admired his outspoken support of individual rights, which he considered consistent with his old-fashioned conservative principles: “Don’t raise hell about the gays, the blacks and the Mexicans. Free people have a right to do as they damn please.” When Goldwater learned I had supported him in 1964, he sent the White House a case of barbecue fixings and hot sauces and invited me to come see him. I went to his home in Phoenix in 1996 and spent a wonderful hour talking to him and his dynamic wife, Susan. ”
Hillary Clinton was President of the Young Republicans Club at Wellesley College.
Hillary is still listed among the Notable Young Republican alumni.

Bernie had a very different experience in the 60’s.

Bernie Sanders was marching with Martin Luther King while Hillary was out canvassing for Barry Goldwater.

While in college, Bernie was leading sit-ins to protest segregate housing at the University of Chicago. He was even arrested for his activities.

Why bring this up?

I am fully expecting that the Clinton attack machine will try to paint Bernie as a radical leftie because of his earlier political beliefs and activities. I just think it is important for everyone to know that these two candidates started out at polar opposites on the political spectrum,

So ask yourself: do you prefer a Goldwater Republican that moved toward the Democratic Party from the Right, or a liberal agitator and socialist who came to the Democratic Party from the Left?

For me, the answer is clear.


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