Has Hillary Organised Her Own “Vast Conspiracy” with the Help of the DNC?

In 1998 Hillary Clinton claimed there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” out to get her and her husband. It is thus ironic that today Hillary is the beneficiary of another vast conspiracy to sabotage her greatest political threat, Bernie Sanders.

The Media Blackout
It starts with the general lack of media coverage. Bernie is drawing huge crowds, and yet there is no major media coverage. The coverage at all the major networks, as well as at FOX and MSNBC is all about the race for the GOP nomination – and when they talk about the Democrats, they talk about Hillary.

The coverage that does exist is heavily tilted toward Hillary. When you frame the language, you frame the debate, and it does seem that there has been a memo passed to all media outlets, which tells them how to frame the 2016 Democratic primary campaign. It goes something like this:
1.Sanders is a “self-described socialist” who “represents a small rural state” that has “a mostly white population.”
2.Hillary is the “presumptive nominee” with a “prohibitive lead” over the other Democratic candidates (this according to Rachel Maddow).
3.Sanders is tapping into general resentment against establishment politics, “just like Donald Trump.”
4.Sanders thus has only as much chance of winning the Democratic nomination as Trump has of winning the GOP nomination.
5.If elected, Bernie Sanders would have no chance of winning a general election, due to his “extreme” and “radical left wing” views.
6.All stories end with a perfunctory repetition of the meme that Hillary Clinton is bound to be the next Democratic nominee, and it only remains to be seen whether Sanders can “nudge” Hillary to the Left.

Bernie’s “Race Problem”
Another part of the Conspiracy is that of Black Activist and other “Leftist” or “Liberal” groups opposing Bernie Sanders. I am talking about groups that are organized to promote “social justice” such as racial equality, gender equality, and LGBT rights. These are groups that are funded by George Soros, the “leftist” billionaire gave $30 million to Black activist groups – including “Black Lives Matter” in the wake of the tragedy in Ferguson last year.

images-3Since funding these groups, however, Soros has also stepped up his funding of Hillary Clinton, contributing $25,000 to her “Ready for Hillary” SuperPAC, and even sitting on the Board of that PAC, and then giving a whopping $2 Million to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC “dedicated to airing ads supporting Clinton and attacking her opponents” according to Politico.

The result of this corrupt campaign “food chain” is that there is now a coordinated effort on the part of several black activists and groups to discredit Bernie Sanders among the general population but especially among Black Americans, in the hopes of denying him support among that key voting block.

In reality, however, it was Hillary Clinton who was an ardent and vocal supporter of her husband’s welfare “reform” and the “tough on crime” bills that destroyed black families and led to the mass incarceration of black youth. If anyone needs to be “held accountable for her actions,” it is Hillary, who famously opined:

Hillary“We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. The ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ for violent offenders has to be part of the plan. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets.”

But Hillary continues to get a pass on racial issues – while a Google search for the phrase “Bernie Sanders has a race problem” results in 7 Million hits.

“Protecting Hillary” – Favouritism and Bias by the DNC
Finally, there is the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, which is acting as a de facto “elect Hillary” committee. Unlike the RNC, which is devolved to state and local levels, the DNC is centrally controlled. And the central controller right now is the national Chairman, DWS2Debbie Wasserman Schultz – yes, the same Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was National Co-Chair of the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2008. Under Wasserman Schultz’s “leadership,” the DNC have taken the unusual step of scheduling only 6 debates, and holding off even starting the debates until October. So while the GOP is in there early and often (11 debates already scheduled) the Democrats seem willing to relinquish the stage and the media coverage in a desperate attempt to deny Bernie Sanders and the other candidates a chance to get their own messages out.

This is very frustrating for Sanders supporters who often see Bernie compared unfavourably with Barack Obama’s position in 2007, knowing that in the 2008 race the DNC had scheduled 17 debates, starting in April 2007, and by October of that year the previously “unknown” Barack Obama had already debated Hillary Clinton debated 9 times

One positive way to look at this, however, is in light of the last time a major party only allowed 6 primary debates: in 1980 the GOP establishment was so afraid of Ronald Reagan and his “radical” and “extreme” conservative views, that they also only allowed 6 debates in order to give Bob Dole and the others a better chance. Well … that worked out OK for Reagan in the end. We can only hope that it will work out as well for Bernie.

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