Iran has Reasons to Mistrust US

Look, the Iranians have a good reason to hate and distrust America. They elected a moderate “socialist” secular government in 1953. The government wanted to nationalize the oil industry in Iran, so the CIA had the legitimate, elected leader and his government ousted in a coup, and brought back the Shah, who established a dictatorship with the most vicious secret police the world has ever seen, the SAVAK. Iranians suffered under this regime, and it was open knowledge that this odious regime was forced on them by the US. Mohammad-Reza-Shah-Pahlavi-217x300In yet another instance of “unintended consequences” arising from US intervention in the Middle East, the extreme cruelty and violence of the American puppet, the Shah, led to the rise of the Mullahs.

Just like the US-backed Maliki government in Iraq led to the rise of ISIS.

That is why Bernie is wise to support diplomacy and avoid another disastrous military adventure that will inevitably backfire.

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