The Bernie Sanders Rapid Response Library ver. 2.10

Bernie_JJTired of conservative and Clintonista trolls posting smack about our guy? Wish you had some statistics and facts to combat their BS?
Here is my own “Rapid Response Library” to use as a reference – some facts, figures and opinions – use whatever you think makes sense to you. Cut and paste, modify as needed to shoot down the nattering nabobs of negativism and the Clintonista shock troops wherever they may rear their ugly heads…

New Topics include The Jefferson Jackson Dinner, Cuba, Postal Banking and the real differences between Bernie and Hillary. The gloves are off so we have to be respectful but forceful, with facts to back us up.

Just click the link below to download the DOC or the PDF.

Bernie Sanders Rapid Response Library 2.10 – MS Word DOC

Bernie Sanders Rapid Response Library 2.10 – Adobe PDF

NOTE: Available also as .HTM but by request only.

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