Why Bernie Will Win – Part 4: The BIG Difference (Continued)

WilhelmII-GeorgeOk – snap quiz – who are these two gentlemen pictured on the right?
Hint: One was King George V of England and the other was Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. You may be forgiven if you cannot tell which one is which – they were, after all, first cousins. But these two cousins presided over one of the bloodiest catastrophes the world has ever seen. Georgie and Willy sent their brave soldiers into battle against each other in World War I, and 17 MILLION PEOPLE DIED.

For those of you who know your history, forgive the recap – but I think it has bearing on our situation today. My earlier post explained how Hillary Clinton was for all intents and purposes a part of the “billionaire class” that Bernie Sanders is running against. The point I am making here is that the ruling political and socio-economic elite is like the network of monarchies that ruled Europe in the 19th century – yes, they had superficial differences, but in the end, it was really all about keeping the status quo as it was, and keeping the rabble down.

Folks, this is EXACTLY the kind of sh*t the Founding Fathers were trying to get away from!!

And yet, here we are.

clinton-bush-article-display-bPlease, please understand that the Clintons and the Bushes and the Trumps are FRIENDS. Their children are friends, they swim in the same waters, go to the same restaurants, tan on the same beaches – and all rendezvous at Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons and so forth for recreation.

We need to break the grip of the ruling political elite – and that is what Bernie Sanders wants to do. Make no mistake – the “Billionaire Class” is a ruling elite in America, and it actually has its supporters among the American populace. During the 2000 Presidential Election, the media was all aflutter, wondering whether the Bush family would have a “frosty” Thanksgiving dinner if Jeb, who was Governor of Florida at the time, would fail to deliver Florida for his older Brother George in the November election. How difficult for them!!

150818211835-ivanka-trump-hillary-clinton-friendship-serfaty-dnt-erin-00020909-exlarge-169And the prospect of a Clinton-Trump race would also bring no doubt concern over whether the two daughters would have their friendship put to the test as their parents fought it out to see who would be the leader of the free world. My goodness, if Hillary won maybe Chelsea would have to “un-friend” Ivanka!

This is madness, and it is sick. And we should consider it in the context that the cousins Willy and Georgie no doubt exchanged very stilted holiday greetings in the Christmas of 1918, as millions of poor soldiers buried in Flanders and the Somme lay covered in snow.

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