All Kidding Aside, There Are Some Serious Questions About Seth Rich’s Murder

I’m not saying anything, except that there is some weird shit going on around this Seth Rich story. I guess the most interesting aspect is that the DNC, the DC Power Elite, the CIA and John Brennan personally, as well as other Intel officials, would all have a very powerful vested interest in keeping this story squelched.

Indeed, if it were ever proven that what Assange is saying is true (imagine that) and WikiLeaks did indeed get the DNC emails via an inside leaker — IOW, the same way they get ALL their information — then a LOT of very powerful and influential people would have a lot of ‘splainin to do.

The Democratic Party would collapse on itself for lack of a raison d’être; there would be a rash of defenestrations at the DNC as well as the Podesta Group.

At the very least, when it comes to the matter of Seth Rich, it would be wise to acknowledge that there IS indeed a mystery, that it is a very unusual case, and that there are a LOT of open questions surrounding the whole affair.

For example:

  1. Why did the DC police define the murder as a “botched robbery” when nothing was stolen? A “botched robbery” usually means that the robbers ended up unintentionally killing or hurting someone in the course of the robbery. This would have to be a “botched robbery” that was itself .. well, botched. I mean, what kind of robber shoots someone twice in the back and then just runs away?

  2. Why did Donna Brazile, DNC chair, intervene in the case to ask the DC police to “freeze out” the private investigator hired by the family?

  3. Why did the DNC assign one of their own PR consultants (Brad Baumann of the Pastorum Group) to the Rich family to manage their public statements and dealings with the media?

  4. How is it that a murder, occurring in a part of town where there had never been a previous homicide, can remain 100% unsolved a year later, with “no leads” and no visible progress being made in finding the killer?

  5. Why is it that Seth Rich’s laptop has been disappeared and no one knows where it is? The police say the FBI have it, the FBI say the police have it.

  6. Why is the FBI involved in this homicide if it was simply a run-of-the-mill “botched robbery”? The fact that FBI ARE involved indicates that there are federal or national aspects to the case, no?

  7. Why is the so-called “mainstream media” so obsessed with the “politicisation” of the Seth Rich murder? Why are they spending so much time and effort to debunk this PARTICULAR story – much more than they ever spent on debunking other “conspiracy” stories?

8.Why is Twitter suspending the accounts of people and journalists that publish stories about the Seth Rich murder?

  1. What makes this particular story SO incredibly toxic and dangerous?

These are all open questions, but we should refrain from jumping to conclusions. Still, when it comes to the theory that Seth Rich was the “leaker” who gave the DNC emails to WikiLeaks, there are also some questions to be asked:

  1. Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray, famous as the WikiLeaks whistleblower who exposed the CIA torture and rendition program, has claimed for a year that he actually met the DNC leaker in DC and accepted the emails from him. He has maintained this story from the beginning. Julien Assange has never disputed Murray’s story. And no media outlet has debunked Murray’s assertions or even questioned him seriously about it. He has been completely ignored. He is a serious person, a former Ambassador and has never been discredited in any way. He is credible; why are his claims not being taken seriously?

  2. Julien Assange offered a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the killer. So far, no one has stepped up. That seems strange; you’d think at least some crank somewhere would want to try and get the money.

  3. It is also strange that Assange would offer such a reward for some random DNC data specialist who was murdered in DC. Why would he do that?

Image Courtesy of Caitlin Johnstone Twitter: @caitoz

  1. Before he retracted his story, Rod Wheeler claimed that Seth Rich had sent 44,000 emails to WikiLeaks (which happens to be the exact size of the eventual DNC email leak). Julien Assange actually RETWEETED the story line. Why would he do that?

These are all open questions, showing that we must remain sceptical until some actual evidence surfaces. For the time being, however, I would maintain that there is more “hard evidence” for the Seth Rich leaker story than there is for the “Russian hacking” story. At least with Seth Rich we have a former UK Ambassador claiming to have first hand, eyewitness testimony to support the “leaker” narrative.

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